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Jewish Center

Jewish Center

For Jewish Life on Kauai


While it remains our vision and goal to create an established, permanent Jewish Center on Kauai, we are still (temporarily) wandering Jews, journeying closer to our destination, as did our ancestors.

We are in The Garden (island) of Eden (Paradise), but have not reached our own Promised Land yet.

We were fortunate to be at Kula School, in the beautiful North-Shore suburb Waipake, for more than a year, and it helped us grow substantially. More recently, we spent several months in Lihue, in order to be more centrally located. But that too, proved unsustainable.

We are praying to be shown the way toward out future home-site, where we can establish a permanenet "home away from home" for all Jewish residents of Kauai, as well as visitors.

The Center for Jewish Life will facilitate Spiritual, Educational, Social & Cultural opportunities for all, catering the entire spectrum of the community and individual needs.

May it be soon!

(Meantime, check the particular events announcements, and their related one-time locations)

10 Ideas, Ten Presenters
Ten Big Ideas,
Ten Presenters
Reserve Today!
Celebrate the Festival of our Freedom!
Spirited Atmosphere,
Delicious Kosher Food,
Meaningful Commentary

Princeville, Monday, April 10
6:15 pm
Celebrate the Festival of Lights on the Garden Island
Come and Celebrate Chanukah!
A Little Light dispels lots of darkness.

Several events around the island, too choose from.
(Or contact us for your own mini-Menorah)

Happy ChanuKauai !
6 Tuesday evenings. (Nov 15 - Dec. 20)
This professionally designed course will have you reading in Hebrew in less than 6 weeks.
Come, Rejoice in our Home-Grown Natural Sukkah
Celebrate the Festival of Joy and Unity
in the Bamboo Sukkah, Kapahi.
Food, Drinks, Music and fun!
Experience the renewal of the New Year 5777 !
A variety of opportunities for all types.
Make it a fresh start...
Kosher Potluck, Music, Storytelling, Kid's FUN Program
Fire up in celebration of Rashbi's colossal life achievement:
Revealing the Esoteric Torah!
Timeless Wisdom, Weekly
A Weekly Journey into the Soul of Torah
All Levels Welcome!
In honor of the New Year for Trees
Come grab a shovel, put a new tree in the earth,
Eat some new fruit
and explore the parallel between humans and trees!
Completion & Inauguration Celebration
Join us as we celebrate the Gift of Kauai's Newest Torah.
Dancing, Live Music, Good Kosher Food.