a Heaven-Earth connector -

Rain is a link between the heavens and earth.
This works in a two-fold way i.e. both directions, from bottom-upward and from up-downward.
Evaporation is the process of water on earth rising to the heavens.
Rainfall, after clouds are formed, is that same water showering its way down to Earth.Waialeale.gif
Only to repeat this cycle over and over again.

This physical dynamic (the physics or science) of rain, is but an expression of its essential spiritual role in the universe - to bridge Heaven and Earth.
We find direct reference to this concept in the Torah on several occasions.

When the Torah speaks the praise of the Holy Land of Israel (Devarim/ Duetronomy 11:11) it says:
"For the land which you are about to enter and posses, a land of hills and valleys, soaks up its water from the rains of heaven. It is a land which the L-rd your G‑d looks after, on which the L-rd your G‑d continuously keeps His eyes..."

Why this juxtaposition?
What is the connection between these two phenomena?

Clearly, as classic commentators to the Torah explain, the physical manifestation of rain pouring down on earth - a feature of Israel for which it is singled out in contrast to Egypt which relied on the Nile river - is the expression of Heaven's "closeness" and interaction with Earth in that particular region.

This works both ways:
Where there was no rainfall, people did not need to look to 'the heaven' for it. They could keep their eyes (i.e. focus and attention) on earth alone. This represents being trapped in an earth-mentality i.e. seeing nature as an independant force of creation, separate from its Supernal Source.
The Talmud says, that The Creator would withhold rain on occasion, in order to solicit the prayers of the people, at which time it would resume.
So, human consciousness and awareness of "heaven" and our depency on 'it', actually facilitates and arouses the response of heaven to shower us with rain.
The evaporation process symbolizes the 'arousal from below' which stirs the 'arousal from above' in direct response.
Metaphorically, man's looking toward heaven in anticipation of the showering of blessing, actually precipitates the blessings that flow back downward as a consquence.

It is no coincidence, then, that Kauai - The Garden Island - is also unique on planet earth, as the one spot receiving the most rainfall!
It is scientifically documented, that Mount Waialeale, in the center of the island, is on-average, the recipient of the largest amount of rain on Earth.
How precise, then, that it is in The Garden Isle, which represents a place to bridge Heaven and Earth, that the rainfall is proof to this very dynamic.