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We'll be celebrating PURIM, the annual festival of a natural-miraculous victory, with a Communal Dinner, Spirits, Song and Story.

 When: This Thursday, March 20 - 5:00pm 

Where: Kauai Jewish Center  ~ "Hale Chabad" ~ 4531 Pouli Rd.

Come in Costume or Masks, in the Purim spirit.

Dinner will be served. Suggested donation: $14  

The Megillah - the story of Esther - will be read at 6:00pm, accompanied by a Slideshow presentation. 


Purim celebrates the under-cover miraculous story of how our people survived a near Holocaust, through the divine intervention and orchestration of Mordechai and Esther the Queen. It's a fascinating story and inspiring tale of our people's survival, with surprising relevance to today's climate. 


On Wednesday, there will be a Pre-Purim class at 5:30pm, titled " Do It Because You Care", personal touch makes all the difference.

Followed by Megillah Reading at 7:15pm

Shacharit on Thursday at 7:00am, followed by Megilah at 8:00am.

For more about Purim visit. JewishKauai.org/Purim