With G‑d's graciousness, we are glad to announce...



Experience the Festival of our Freedom,

on the magnificent Island of Kauai


When: Friday Evening, April 19, 6:15pm

at the new


"Hale Chabad" 

4531 Pouli Road - suite 102

(Waipouli)  Wailua 

(This is just south of Foodland Kapa'a-Waipouli)

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This is sure to be a Spectacular, Memorable Event, combining a Kosher Gourmet Menu with a Traditional Seder experience, sprinkled with inspiration!

Book your seat Today!

Limited Space Available.

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Price Structure:

Visitor: Adult $80 / Child (under 12) $50

Kama'aina: Adult $54 / Child (under 12) $36

Children under 3 - No charge. Discount available for large families.

Please contact us to discuss. We will not turn you away for lack of funds!

Calculate your total, based on # of adults/children, reserve here:


Reservations may also be mailed to the following address:

GANI, 4531 Pouli Road, #102, Kapa'a, HI, 96746 (Checks made to "Gani").

Please email RSVP info too (if you're sending in a check).


Passover Kauai - 5779

Made possible through generous contributions of the following donor:

הרה"ת ר' דורון שיחי' סלוצקין ומשפחתו שיחיו


To be a Sponsor toward the Seder, click below:

We need your support!


Pupus: 6:15 p.m.

Traditional Seder: 7:00 p.m.


To learn more about Passover, visit our website: www.JewishKauai.org/Passover


We gladly welcome and invite anyone who would like to volunteer time and energy in the planning, execution and setting up of the Seders. There will plenty to do, both in the days ahead of Passover (getting the word out) and the days leading up to the Seder, as well as the day of (setting up etc.)

Please come forward to see how you can help!


If you're running a Seder and would like to enhance it by providing Hand-Made "Shmurah" Matzah (exactly like our ancestors ate!), please contact us.
We are importing tons of such Matzah, and can sell you a box a cost price.

If you're not in a position to join a Seder - for whatever reason - and would like some Shmurah Matzah for yourself, for the Passover night, please contact us, so we can arrange for delivery or pickup.

Watch this VIDEO - on the advantages of Hand-Made Matzah 

Wishing you all a Kosher and Joyous, liberating Passover Experience!

Rabbi Michoel & Zisel Goldman