This Tuesday, May 9, is a major Jewish Holiday, largely unknown.
It's called "Lag b'Omer", which means the 33rd Day of the Omer Countdown.

It's the Yartzeit (anniversary of passing) of the author of the Zohar, the primary work of Jewish Mysticism - also known as KABALA.
Rashbi (an acronym for Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai) requested that his life be celebrated, not mourned, given his joy in accomplishing the unprecedented task of revealing the inner secrets of the Torah, in his lifetime.

Traditionally, it is celebrated each year with bonfires.
We tell stories of the mystics like him and those who followed him, and share insights of his teachings, to illuminate and fire up our lives today.

It's also a day of Jewish Unity, when we cross the divide of differences and embrace our Oneness.


Kailihiwai Beach Directions:

Take the first turn toward the ocean North of Kilauea town, as though you're going to Secret Beach. Just take this road all the way to the very end. You're here.

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