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 The Holiday of Shavuot, (This year it's Sunday-Monday, May 20-21) commemorates the anniversary of our receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai 3330 years ago! Wow!

Every year, on our "wedding anniversary" we celebrate and renew our connection. 

Most Jews celebrate Passover, one way or another. Most, however, have not even heard about Shavuot. This is ironic. Since, when we left Egypt and became a free people, it was all for a purpose: to go toward Sinai and receive our mission statement, our mandate and raison d'etre.

In fact, when Moses ordered Pharaoh to "Let my people go!", his sentence finished with the request that they head toward the mountain where they will serve G‑d. so, the whole point of the Exodus was the Torah at Sinai!

Let us gather to reinvigorate on this momentous occasion!