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Are you concerned with the global rise of antisemitism?

Are you aware of or disturbed by its shocking rise in our own USA in recent weeks and months?

If not, you must have your head in the sand, or living in denial...

Are you, as a parent, trying to shield your child from knowing about this, out of (naive) concern for their well-being? (Perhaps we should talk...)

WHAT IF  you discovered there was antisemitism  right here on Kauai?!

Would you hide your Jewishness or come out in the open against it? 

The story of Purim is not an ancient one, not is it relegated to the Middle East.

Wake up, friends! It's here in our neighborhood.

If you have a Jewish conscience, the Purim story will move you to action.

It's the story of our people, of you and me. Here and today!


Come join our community as we address this critical issue head-on.

We'll be celebrating PURIM, the annual festival of a natural-miraculous victory, with a Communal Dinner, Spirits, Song and Story.

 When: This Thursday, March 20 - 5:00pm 

Where: Kauai Jewish Center  ~ "Hale Chabad" ~ 4531 Pouli Rd.

Come in Costume or Masks, in the Purim spirit.

Dinner will be served. Suggested donation: $14