Gani is Hebrew for ‘My Garden’.

In Short:

Kauai is known as "The Garden Island".

The Garden symbolizes the perfect state of being –“Heaven on Earth” - where spirit and matter merge in perfect harmony.

Our collective cosmic journey has been to make our world this kind of garden. Kauai – The Garden Island – is a very unique place on this planet, where one can (learn to) experience this fusion.

“I have come to My Garden” (paraphrased from Solomon’s Song of Songs) is the Divine desire to be on Earth as in Heaven, with delight and pleasure.

Kauai is as close as it gets (outside the Holy Land).Copy of Hanalei-valley.jpg

In More Depth:

Kauai - "The Garden Island"

It is not coincidental that Kauai is dubbed Hawaii's "Garden Island".
Is it simply its lushness? That it is the oldest and most fertile of all these volcanic mountains?
There is more to the story...

What is a Garden?
Why is paradise called "The Garden of Eden"?
Why was the human placed in a garden?

It is not merey a place where we plant vegetables or colorful flowers.
It is not merely a place to expend our energy, or divert or attention to release stress.
A garden is a place of delight.

It is in the garden, where Heaven meets Earth.
It is there, that we exercise both our lower selves as well as nurture our higher sense of self.
Our lower self is expressed in the physical labor associated wit maintaining a beautiful garden, for example, digging, planting, harvesting, weeding etc.
Our higher self is nurtured in a garden, where we go for a walk, taking in the beauty and wonder, delighting in the scenery and opening us up to experience pleasure and expanded consciousness.

It is in the garden, not in the house, where our feet are on the very ground - Earth - and our eyes are simultaneously toward the Heavens.
It is here, where we can experience Heaven while being on Earth.

Man was placed in "The Garden of Eden", not just to "work the soil" as a mere gardener or farmer.
The Creator is bigger than that. Did he need to create the human being, invest a Divine Soul into him/her, in order to pull weeds and harvest fruit trees?

Paradise was the experience of Heaven on Earth.
Where the most sublime Divinity was tangibly sensed in the physical realm.
Where Spirit & Matter merged seamlessly.

In the words of the Midrash "The Shechinah (Divine Presence) was manifest there".
Man's role was to sustain and cultivate that phenomenon, channeling Divine energy on this planet.
His physical labor was a mere expression of that Divine service.
Every fruit-tree carried symbolism, and its protection or abuse had cosmic consequences.
The Garden was the theater of man's mission to bring heaven down to earth.

Kauai, known as "The Garden Island", in Hawaii "colloquially as "Paradise" holds a treasured tool in our work of recreating that experience.
Here, one's ability to bridge the gap of Heaven & Earth, is tremendously enhanced and the opportunity is both rare, yet easily accesible.

This phenomenon is evident by the fact the Kauai is the rainiest place on the planet!