The Book: TANYA

Tanya is a book on Jewish mysticism, authored by The Alter Rebbe, a spiritual giant in the 18th century, who founded the Chassidic Movement known as Chabad.

Tanya is the foremost book of Chassidic Spiritual Philosophy and is considered the "Bible" of Jewish mysticism.

Tanya is divided into five sections.

The first, deals primarily with the inner struggle of man, who wrestles with the conflict of spiritual vs. material. It is the "tale of two souls" within us, each competing for our utmost attention and how to resolve that conflict in our Divine service.

The second section addresses existential philosophy on the Existence of the Creator and His universe and how to realize the essential Oneness in reality.

The third section is on "Teshuva", return. It breathes new life into the journey of a distant soul's homecoming and the meaning of true repentance.

The fourth and fifth sections deal with a variety of Kabbalistic texts and their interpretation.


The Tanya Printing Project

In 1978, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Jewish world's foremost Spiritual Leader and direct descendant (7th generation) of the author of Tanya launched a campaign to print Tanya in every major city and location around the world.

Since 1978, Tanya has been printed in over 5000 locations, making it the most widely published book ever! (I.e. printing of one book in so many geographic locations.)

In 1982, The Rebbe sent two students, Rabbi Mottel Krasnjansky (today in Melbourne) and his colleague to Hawaii to do a summer of "Jewish Peace Corps". Amongst other instructions, he requested that they print 1000 Tanya books, as an essential part of this mission, to spread the teachings of Chassidus & Kabbalah to "the outermost", i.e. most distant places on earth.

Tanya has been printed in Honolulu and Maui, but until now never on Kauai.

The Kauai Tanya is unique in its contribution to Global Awareness, in that Kauai is the remotest island of Hawaii, the remotest land on earth. Chassidic Master & founder, the Ba'al Shem Tov taught that when "the wellsprings of Chassidic teaching reach the farthermost areas, the Messiah will be ready to come". Meaning, it is a sign of the deepest truth of Torah reaching the entire world, a foretaste and heralding of the era of which the prophets speak "The world will be filled with the knowledge of G‑d, as the ocean covers the sea".

The printing of Tanya in a place has a tremendous impact on a place, opening portals of entry for increased spiritual awareness to the people living there.

The Kauai Edition of Tanya is being sponsored by Dovid Lokshin of Brooklyn, NY, currently serving as intern and Rabbinical Student at Chabad of Hawaii in Honolulu. The Pioneer Edition is a pocket size, soft cover, Hebrew edition.

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