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Connecting Jewish kids with each other while exploring Jewish traditions and values in a fun environment.
Children's Library
Our vision is to create a Multi-Media Jewish Library, with a special children & youth section.
Books, CD, DVDs
To get involved in making this a reality, please email 
Teen Club
We're developing a TEEN CLUB, for Jewish Teenagers on island.
This will be a chapter of the International C-Teen organization, which prepares world-class curriculum, programs and tools for fun, interactive, experiential growth opportunities.
Stay Tuned...
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Upcoming events
Nov. 21, 2019
Worrier to Warrior
Nov. 21, 2019
Noted Vocalist & Musician, Kauai Resident Becca Smith will perform!
Nov. 26, 2019
Worrier to Warrior - Feeling good, however you feel!
Nov. 28, 2019
Worrier to Warrior
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