Kosher On Kauai


While there are no Certified Kosher restaurants or Kosher Stores on island, many kosher items can be found in local stores. Besides for the hundreds of Kosher Certified products, with an "OU" or "OK" symbol on many mainland and international products (such as cereals, tuna, pastas etc.), there are some Kosher sections in the following supermarkets:

(located in Kukui Grove Shopping Center in Lihue, opposite Costco)
They have a kosher section in the center isle of the store, with a sign reading "Kosher". It includes such items as Manichewitz Matzah, crackers, Gefilte fish and many more items.
They sometimes carry "Empire"  chicken in the freezer!

Safeway  - In Kapa'a, also has a small Kosher "section" (more like a column) in the back of one row.

Foodland, Big-Save
These stores have many kosher certified items. Although there is no designated Kosher section, you will find many certified Kosher things on the shelves throughout.


Select Kosher Items :

Wines: Most local supermarkets (including Foodland and Big Save) carry Manishewitz & Magen David. The Farmers' Market store in Kilauea's Kong Lung Center carry a better wine called "Baron Herzog" (these are the only "Mevushal" wines of higher quality), as well as some Israeli wines. 

The Princeville Wine store (at the very south-end of the Shopping Center, facing the Library) is run by a Jewish man, Daniel Braun, and he sells several Kosher wines. 

Foodland Princeville also sells Israeli Wines (Galil & Golan).

Fish: The Pacific Ocean is full of kosher fish, so your best option is to go fishing in Hawaii!

Here is a list of Kosher Fish. If you're not sure, check for Fins & Scales. If it has those two signs, it's Kosher!
Smoked Salmon (lox) can be found in most stores, with a Kosher Certification.

If you purchase fresh fish, make sure it is whole, and not sliced. For perhaps the knives are used for other fishes too and have residue.

Challah: - We recently discovered a good Challah solution. In Costco (Lihue), they sell a whole-wheat loaf called "La Brea" from Los Angeles, CA. It is half pre-baked in California, then frozen. The bakery do complete the baking here and have it on display on their racks. However, this is no good. You can go to the people working in the bakery and ask for them to bring out the frozen loaves, straight out of the box that has the certification. Take it home/hotel and (if you have a kosher oven) stick it in the oven for 20 minutes...and you got healthy Challah!

Alternatively, (If you do not have a Kosher oven, e.g. tourists in a hotel) you can double-wrap it in silver foil and let it bake (in any oven) for longer, until it is done.

Bread:  Other than the Costco bread mentioned above, there is also Ezekiel Bread (a sprouted grain health bread) available in Health Food stores, such as Papayas (Kapa'a), Harvest Market (Hanalei) or Living Foods (Poipu). This is Pas Yisroel. There are many other breads with OU or OK which are Kosher, but not Pas Yisroel.

Hawaii's only Kosher Catering 


Call Yudi Weinbaum on 808.888.4949

or visit 

They can customize a Shabbat or weekday order and have it sent to Kauai AlohaAir-Cargo overnight (chilled). You pick it up at the airport. Some hotels will pick it up for you, if you order through them.