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 More about the Collection:

The Salant Collection is the result of over 17 visits Nate has made to Jerusalem over the last several decades, in his love and passion for not only our Jewish history but his personal family history, which goes back to the 1800's in Jerusalem. 

All of these items on display (with three exceptions) were found in and around Jerusalem, and were purchased from a licensed antiquities dealer who is the only Christian shop owner in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.  Every item's authenticity has been verified.

You will see jugs from Abrahamic times, coins from the Temple Era, and objects from the Davidic Kingdom !

The collection includes: 

1950 - 1550 BCE: Age of the Patriarchs (Early Bronze & Middle Bronze) - ceramics 

1150 - 1080 BCE: Time of the Judges (Late Bronze): ceramics

1080 - 586  BCE: Davidic Kingdom, ceramics, metal blade from a weapon, rings

332  - 165  BCE: Hellenistic Period: ceramics & early coins

165 BCE - 67 AD: Macabbean/Herodian Period - ceramics, coins, painters tools, stone 

                             bowl and utensils from the Second Temple, silver half-shekel from 

                             the Second Temple, rings, from the Macabbean/Herodian Period

67 AD  -  73 AD: First Revolt Against Rome - ceramics, many coins

132 -    146 AD: Bar Kochba Rebellion - ceramics, very rare Jewish glass, coins

Plus much more from earlier pre-Abrahamic times and most recent times. 

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More about Nathan Salant:

Nate Salant, an annual visitor to Kauai since 1993, owns one of the largest collections of antiquities from Jerusalem in the USA, a collection that has only been on public view once in its history. 


Born in "da Bronx," Nate is an alum of Albany University (NY) and Boston University School of Law who made a career in college sports administration, serving as the Commissioner of three leagues.  He is also a published author of a book about the New York Yankees and another about baseball history, and has penned countless articles supporting Israel and fighting anti-Semitism.  Salant is a nationally honored member of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) Writing Board, and has a strong commitment to Judaism.

Uniquely, Nate has a very special connection to Jerusalem.  His great-great-great-grandfather was the renown Rav Shmuel Salant (born in 1816 in Lithuania, died August 16, 1909), who served as the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem's Ashkenazic Community from 1840-1909.  Rav Shmuel lived to be more than 93 years old, and is the subject of many stories and legends — and some very important confirmed history.  Once Rav Shmuel immigrated to Jerusalem in 1838, he dedicated his life to bringing Jews back to Jerusalem — not merely the Holy Land, but to Jerusalem itself, because he wanted it to be a Jewish city again.  A section of the Modern City, Kiryat Shmuel, is named in his honor, and a plaque recognizing his achievements hangs at its entrance.

As if that isn't enough "yicchus," his great-great-great-great-grandfather was Josef Zundel Salant, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem from 1828-1840, and Rav Shmuel's father-in-law.  If you're wondering why they had the same name, it's because they came from the Lithuanian City of Salantai, with its prestigious "Salantai Yeshiva," prior to coming to the Land of Israel.

Nate has made 17 trips to Israel, and has an extensive knowledge of Jerusalem's history and current events.  You won't want to miss this presentation because it "touches all of the bases": Judaism, History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art...and most importantly, in this day in which our enemies seek to deny our history and connection to the Land of Israel, you'll see visual proof that Jerusalem's Jewish roots date back more than 3,550 years.