Our vision, as hinted in our name is, to "Turn the Garden Into Eden".

In other words, that is, to facilitate the flowering of the Garden Island's divine essence into manifest reality. This, of course, is through the power of us people inhabiting the island (and those who visit). Our inspiration and guiding light, of course, is the Torah. By shining this light into the light of the precious souls who dwell here, a magnificent combination results - GANI.

Our focus is two-fold:


There are an estimated 1000 Jewish People living on Kauai, presently.

Primarily, we aim to engage each Jewish person in a positive, uplifting and empowering way. We are here to support your journey forward, one step at a time, in discovery if your 3300+ year old heritage and birthright.

Secondly, we're hoping to create a "Home away from Home" for the Wandering Jews. We envision the creation of a full-service Jewish Community Center, which will provide Spiritual, Educational & Cultural services to our fellow brothers and sisters, who have found their way to this remote island.

This center will cater to the needs of young and old, from children to adults to seniors. The programs, classes and events will be diverse in nature, addressing the interests and needs of the spectrum of Jewish Life, where everyone can find meaning and fulfillment in some way.


Recognizing Kauai's being a vortex of healing and spirituality, and the immeasurable contribution Jewish Spirituality can add to this, the other part of our work is to turn Kauai into a world class destination for those who seek spirituality. We've slowly begun this track by offering unique classes on Oneness, from a Kabbalistic perspective. Our eventual center will host lectures, courses, seminars and retreats by world-class facilitators and mentors of Jewish Spirituality. These events - while inspired and based on Jewish Mysticism (kabbalah & Chassidut) - will be geared to the wider community, and are open to anyone with a soul!

The Oneness Center is a program being developed which will train individuals in the experience of Divine Oneness, the mystic path of "Achdut Hashem".