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What is the Tefillin Club?

The Club was established to Celebrate the Sacred Mitzvah of Tefillin by Jewish Men on Kauai. It is a monthly spiritual boost, coupled with a social get-together.

Tefillin is an ancient, yet relevant ritual, a mind-heart-hand connector, which brings us into consciousness of our Creator, and aligns us internally.

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The Kauai Tefillin Club meets on the first Sunday morning of the month.

Open to Jewish men, post Bar-Mitzvah age, who: 
Own a pair of Tefillin 
Interested in Tefillin 
Willing to don Tefillin 
No prior Judaic experience required.

Meetings will include a short prayer/ meditation (The Shema etc.), brief insightful study and accompanied by a light breakfast and Talk Story.


 Fascinating Tefillin Stories...

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Bring along your Tefillin if you have one. 
If you've never done this thing before, don't worry, you're in good company ;-) 
We'll have pairs of Tefillin and willingness to help you...

You can watch some videos etc. online at



 Launched In memory of

Avraham ben Chaim Lev Sugerman