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You're invited to enjoy our  

Communal Sukkot Party 
in honor of the  Sukkot Festival

Thursday Afternoon, October 20

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


"The Pasture", adjacent to "Kauai Etrog Farm"

5880 Kini Place #3 
Kapa'a, HI, 96722

Directions: At the Kapa'a Traffic Circle by the Skate Park, take Olohena upcountry, immediately after the school veer left onto Olohena. After a few miles, take first right onto Hauiki, and then right onto Kini Place. Enter Rolling Meadows community. As the road curves left, and down into the valley, look out for the property on your left, at the bottom of the valley, just over the stream.





What is Sukkot? 
Sukkot is the time of year, we give gratitude for the roof over our heads, and recall our national (and in some cases) personal wanderings (and even homelessness), when our Maker protects us from the elements, and provides us with shelter. It's a time to leave the comfort of our homes, and step outdoors, giving gratitude for our dwellings. 
It's also a very JOYOUS Festival, associated with music, dancing and unity.

What's Unique about The Kauai Communal Sukkah? 
It's home-grown! 
We harvest the walls and roof of our Sukkah locally, with bamboo and palm fronds being collected from local land. 

 To learn more about the wonderful Sukkot Festival, visit this site: