Save the Date: 

Sunday, September 7 (Elul 12), 

3:00 p.m.


With tremendous joy and gratitude to G*d, We are delighted to announce the:

Celebration of Completion and Inauguration of a

Brand New Sacred Torah Scroll 

for our Garden Island.


richard torah.jpg

 The New Torah is being gifted, in memory of Mr. Bennet Seigel, of blessed memory, by his son, Richard Seigel.

Kauai Jewry, as well as our friends and family in the wider community are invited to participate in this historic celebration.



This is Kauai's first-ever brand new Torah scroll. (The previous 2 Torah's were ones previously used by other communities.)
▪ It was hand-written with a quill on parchment, in Israel.
▪ Expert scribe, Rabbi Moshe Klein will be on Kauai to complete the last few lines.

* Men, Women and Children - all welcome!  

music.jpgKauai Jewish Musicians will perform Live!  

The event will include a Kosher-catered meal.  

 This is going to be a momentous, historic occasion for Kauai, and all islands, bringing abundant Divine blesssings to us all, for now and forever.  


 Location: "MAKANALANI" in Kilauea.

Makanalani is Hawaiian for "A Gift from Heaven", which is exactly what the Torah is. 
Makanalani is a special place for under-privileged children. More information about it can be found

Directions will be provided upon reservation.

Send RSVP to [email protected]  or email:  [email protected]

moshe klein hasofer1

 Expert Scribe, Rabbi Moshe Klein, will be coming from New York, to be      on hand and complete the last few lines of the Torah. 

 Members of the community will have the unique opportunity to come and assist the Scribe, by filling in a letter. A donation toward GANI is requested - each person according to their means and generosity.

It is a VERY BIG MITZVAH to write a letter in the Torah Scroll, considered as if one has actually written an entire Torah! 

To learn more about how a Torah Scroll is written, visit this link:

 Looking forward to celebrating together!